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JL LAW, LLC. is a full-service law firm, with a focus on immigration, civil, family and criminal matters offering affordable legal services to those who need them the most.

With over a decade of experience, our attorneys and trilingual staff are prepared and motivated to provide effective and personal representation you require and deserve during some of the most vulnerable times in your life.

We are aware of the schedules your jobs and families demand, so we encourage you to visit us on the weekend if you are unable to stop by during our regular weekday hours, or send us a text message via WhatsApp.

The immigration landscape is changing now more than ever, so take the time to speak with an experienced attorney to learn about the benefits you may be eligible for. We look forward to hearing from you soon and remember, it is always free to talk.


We Can Help With…


Deportation & Removal Proceedings, including Detained & Bond Proceedings;

Citizenship & Naturalization, including English & Civics Test Exemptions;

Family-Based Immigrant Visa Petitions (for family members in the U.S. & abroad);

Employment Authorization;

Asylum; for adults, children and Unaccompanied Minors;

    • Benefits for family members of those previously awarded asylum.

Travel Permits;

Permanent Residence; i.e. green card:

    • Ten (10) year Residency;
    • Two (2) year Conditional Residency and Petitioning to Remove those before those two (2) years expire;


    • Immigration Violation Waivers;
    • Fraud or Criminal Waiver;
    • Prior Removal/Deportation Waiver; and,
    • J-1 Waivers;

Temporary Protection to Remain in the U.S.:

    • DACA (including initial and renewal applications);
    • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) (including initial and renewal applications);
    • Orders of Supervision; and,
    • Stay of Removal;

Special Immigrant & Non-Immigrant Visa Petitions, including (but not limited to):

    • Battered Spouse Petitions (VAWA);
    • Special Immigrant Juveniles (including family court proceedings);
    • U-Visas for Victims of Certain Crimes (and their family members);

Initial Applications, Extensions & Changes of Non-Immigrant Status;

    • Tourist visa;
    • Student status; and,
    • M-1, E (Traders and Investors);

Religious Immigrant & Non-Immigrant (R-1) Visa Petitions;

Employment-Based Non-immigrant Visas:

    • H-1B (Specialty Occupation) and H-2B, L-1 (Corporate Transferees), TN, O-1, P-1 (including Horse Jockeys), etc.;

Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Petitions & Labor Certifications;

E Visas (E-1 and E-2);

Appeals and Motions to Reconsider/Reopen of All of the Above; and,

Other Immigration Services. Just ask!

    Family Law:

    • Child Custody (including complaints and applications to amend prior orders);
    • Child Support (including initial and applications to amend prior orders);
    • Divorce (contested and uncontested);
    • Alimony;
    • Guardianship (including Kinship Guardianship);
    • Temporary Restraining Orders; and,
    • Other Family Law Services. Just ask!

    Criminal Law:

    • DUI (alcohol and controlled substances);
    • Bench Warrants;
    • Simple Assault;
    • Domestic Violence;
    • Aggravated Assault;
    • Drug Crimes;
    • Sexual Crimes;
    • Expungements;
    • Probation Violations; and,
    • Other Criminal Law Services. Just ask!

    Personal Injury & Other Civil Law:

    • Motor Vehicle Accidents (full and limited tort);
    • Slip & Falls;
    • Medical Malpractice;
    • Insurance Disputes;
    • Landlord Tenant Matters;
    • Contract Disputes;
    • Employment & Unpaid Wages Disputes;
    • Powers of Attorney;
    • Creditor/Debtor Matters; and,
    • Other Civil Law Services. Just ask!

    Our Attorneys

    Justin R. Silberg, Esq.

    Justin R. Silberg, Esq.

    justinsilberg@jllaw.org | 215-617-7767 (New Clients) | 215-647-2004 (Existing Clients)


    Justin R. Silberg, Esq. the Founding Attorney of JL LAW, LLC. has had vast achievements over the span of his legal career in the areas of immigration, family, criminal, personal injury and other civil matters. Over his decade of advocating for those across the U.S. and around the world, Justin has developed an enduring passion for defending those facing removal from the U.S. along with child-related immigration matters, specifically, those involving abandonment, neglect or abuse.

    JL LAW, LLC. was created because Justin saw the need to develop an immigration practice where expectations were clarified at the outset of any case and attorneys remained in constant communication with clients over the lifetime of their representation. This rather simple concept would lead to clients developing a close relationship with their individual attorney, and, moreover, the best possible result for clients.

    Justin obtained his license to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of New Jersey, and the U.S. District Court of New Jersey in 2010. A native of Chicago, IL, Justin grew up locally and considers Philadelphia, PA home. In his free time, he enjoys spending him with his family and perfecting his Spanish.

    Luis Hernández, Esq.

    Luis Hernández, Esq.

    luishernandez@jllaw.org | 215-617-7767 (New Clients) | 215-647-2004 (Existing Clients)


    Luis Hernandez, Esq. is a Dominican-American attorney with more than 7 years of experience in immigration law. Luis worked in the Dominican Republic as a prosecutor handling humanitarian and criminal matters. In the US, he has successfully handled more than 500 immigration cases, including asylum, cancellation of removal, U visas, and family matters. Luis, of Dominican origin, in addition to Spanish, speaks English fluently and has a working knowledge of Portuguese. Luis, an immigrant himself, shares our clients’ experiences and understands their short-term needs, such as work permits, and long-term aspirations, such as citizenship.

    Luis earned a master’s degree in law from Temple University and is licensed to practice law in the Dominican Republic and the State of Wisconsin. Luis graduated from the Technological University of Santiago and has multiple business and legal certifications from accredited institutions around the world, including a Master’s Degree in Global Entrepreneurship from the School of Industrial Organization in Seville, Spain and a Global Crime Prevention certification from South Korean law enforcement agencies. Most recently, on February 25, 2020, the Philadelphia Bar Association presented its International Law Award to Luis for Outstanding Achievement in International Law or Human Rights by a Graduate Law Student.

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